The Multi Regional Service Learning Days offers an opportunity for the exchange of experience, strength, and hope between members of NA service. This event, with its broad diversity of our Fellowship, fosters the magic of service that happens when members gather from greater distances to share best practices in serving the suffering addict and fulfilling our primary purpose.

Through the Midwest Zonal Forum regions working together in a spirit of unity and cooperation to support the groups in carrying our message of recovery, the assembly’s purpose is to inspire and instill in participants the joy of service by mentoring and learning collaboration.


The Multi Region Service Learning Days was created in August 2018 at the Midwest Zonal Forum business meeting. The eight member regions formed a consensus to accept the following proposal of the fundraising ad-hoc committee. To establish a service based convention modeled after the Multi Zonal Service Symposium. The benefits from participating in service focused workshop weekends have been realized through the service structure. NAWS Worldwide Workshops, Western Service Learning Days, Multi Zonal Service Symposium, and the Florida Service Symposium, are just some examples of the opportunities available to members. However NA in the Midwest Zone did not currently have an event focusing primarily on Area and Region level service. Having a service opportunity to focus on these levels of service within the Zone is vital. Accessing the knowledge and resources of people from all over the would will enable more recovering addicts the benefit from this type of event.

Member Regions